Durafresh Mouth Rinse 漱口液 (Code: HG030442)

Durafresh Mouth Rinse 漱口液

Durafresh Oral Rinse is cool, refreshing, alcohol-free and sugar-free. It aids in destroying the odor causing compounds in your mouth that cause bad breath. After flossing and toothbrushing, rinse your mouth with Durafresh Oral Rinse for 60 seconds to freshen your breath for hours. Unlike common mouthwashes that simply rely on added mint flavors to mask bad breath, this anti-microbial, alcohol-free and sugar-free oral rinse aids in destroying the odor-causing compounds in your mouth that cause bad breath. This product can be used as:
• root canal irrigant
• rinse for sensitive teeth
Ingredients: Deionized Water, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), Natural Peppermint. 保障健康由口腔衛生開始。Durafresh口腔護理用品,採用CIO2配方,能夠分解引致口氣的硫磺化合物的分子結構,徹底解決問題;而且效力持久,用後令口氣保持清新達8小時。Durafresh有效幫助防止細菌侵入牙肉,預防牙周病。Durafresh漱口液成份天然、不含酒精或糖精。

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